Ski Resort Owner Tips 5% to Employee On Christmas

Collage in honor of Idaho's worst restaurnat tipper. Brundage Ski Resort Owner & McCall Restaurant owner Jud Deboer tips his employee 5 percent on Christmass
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Restaurants of McCall Atmosphere

When you work at one of the restaurants of McCall you hope for a few things.  Good money, no drama, an appreciative employer and a set schedule so that you can enjoy everything this magnificent place has to offer.  You hope your co-workers are friendly, outgoing and like to do things away from work. 

No one wants to work for a boss that is grumpy and unappreciative or co-workers that are territorial and melodramatic.  Or for that matter unreliable by always missing work.  Restaurant work is supposed to fun and like a second family. 

We’ve all see the movie, Waiting.  Trust me when I say it’s not that far from reality!  Between the money and “second family” atmosphere that’s the appeal of restaurant work. 

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Factor in an outdoor playground like McCall and you’ve got yourself a triple threat.  As long as your into that sort of thing.  Which most employees at the restaurants of McCall are or they wouldn’t live here!  In fact, the entire community of McCall is outdoor enthusiasts or they wouldn’t live here. 

Cardinal rule of The Restaurants of McCall

McCall is an amazing community of generous big-hearted live and let-live individuals.  Who are eager to lend a helping hand whenever possible!  This brings up an unwritten “cardinal rule” of the community, “Don’t shit where you eat!”

If you don’t know what this means let me tell you. 

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In life, you don’t want to do anything that will jeopardize your comfort level.  One should not cause trouble in a place, group, or situation in which you regularly finds yourself in.  Meaning don’t cause a ruckus at a bar you frequently go to or steal from a store you regularly shop from.  Don’t do something that is going to make yourself uncomfortable in the future if it has the potential to turn ugly! 

I should probably reread this bit of advice more than once before hitting publish, but sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet. 

Disrespecting Staff at The Restaurants of McCall

Most of the time this vulgar saying refers to dating a co-worker or doing something disrespectful at a place you frequent.  Every now and then this quote sprawls out to other situations like the one I am about to reveal.  This last year head coaches & general managers in multiple professional leagues have been let go for there private beliefs on race, religion, and respect of others.  

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Not something you would have ever even heard of let alone see happen pre-social media.  But that’s the world we live in today.  If you trigger a response from a crowd it better be positive or there will be negative consequences.  Something these GMs & coaches have found out the hard way. 

Social media may dictate Jud DeBoer to be held accountable for his bad tip over Christmas Break

Now I am not looking to get anyone fired, but I am going to shine a giant spotlight on the level of disrespect I received from one of the owners of the restaurants in McCall.  Working in the service industry there is a common ground of acceptance of things you can do and things you CAN NOT do!!! As an owner of a restaurant not just here in McCall anywhere in the country you are well aware of these dos & don’ts. 

So when you break one of the “cardinal rules” of the restaurant industry you are either doing it on purpose or out of complete ignorance!!  If it’s the latter you have no business owning a restaurant let alone a restaurant in McCall. 

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If it’s intentional then the payback is ten fold!  Unfortunately, in this case, I can’t walk into your section and stiff you on a bigger bill or multiple bills because the culprit, in this case, is the owner of Brundage Ski Resort, Adventure Barn Tubing Hill, Brundage Realty, Brundage Bungalows and I’m sure a host of various other businesses!

How To Piss Off The Restaurants of McCall Staff

Before you categorize me as a whiny server looking to call out a bad tipper.  Let me pull back the curtains and reveal all the variables in play here. 

  1. This is a ski resort owner that most likely has 2 commas in their bank account
  2. This is a restaurant owner and a restaurant owner in the tight knit community of McCall Idaho
  3. This is the busiest day of the season every year for this particular ski resort and this restaurant
  4. On this day you are required to work 13 hours no break because there is no time for a break because of the number of people
  5. This day also falls under the Christmas break holiday that you are NOT allowed to request off
  6. I’m only paid $5/hr. Meaning my wages are based primarily on tips, and you know this because you’re only paying me $5/hr!
  7. After taxes, my hourly wage is only $3.75/hr
  8. In this restaurant, there is a tip share policy that is roughly 7% of my total sales.  That is what I owe to other employees no matter what my tips are, and it gets taken out of my tips before I even see my tips. 
  9. Because all my credit card tips go on my paycheck so they also get 100% taxed

Brundage Owner Shafts Employee

So on this day up at Brundage Ski Resort on their light up the night torchlight parade Christmas party, they throw every year I got shafted by the owner of the ski resort.  So working 13 hours straight with no bathroom break, no food break for $3.75/hr after getting shafted by the general public all day long I had to pay 2% of the ski resort owner’s bill out of my own pocket to accommodate the tip share policy at his own restaurant.

Social media may dictate Jud DeBoer to be held accountable for his bad tip over Christmas Break

I had to pay out of my own pocket to wait on the owner of the ski resort because he couldn’t afford a proper tip to the employee he just required to work 13 hours over the Christmas break weekend! 

Theres also another little catch here at this McCall restaurant.  Since their policy is to put all credit tips on my paycheck they get taxed before I get them.  As well as allocated to the tip share pool before I get them.

Which means I loose another 25% of the total tip he left me to taxes.  So in the end I ended up having to pay 3.25% fo his bill to the rest of the staff at this McCall restaurant up at Brundage Ski Resort.  Because this millionaire who doesn’t even pay minimum wage let alone a livable wage couldn’t even properly tip his own staff!!!!!!!!

Jud BeDoer Tips 1.75% to Employee

If that’s a whiny server calling out a bad tipper than by all means I’m fucking CAPTAIN WHINY because this ski resort restaurant owner, in the end, left me a 1.75% tip on a day he made over $200,000!!!

Unacceptable Behavior at the Restaurants of McCall

Working for an employer you expect a certain level of respect and appreciation.  Especially if that employer is a million-dollar ski resort owner!  That forces you to work every night, weekend and holiday shift!  Apparently the Brundage Ski Resort owner Jud DeBoer never got the message to treat others how youo wanted to be treated. 

Over the Christmas “hell” week that every ski resort in the country experiences, I had the unfortunate privilege of experiencing first hand the worst tipper in Idaho!

Free firework show & torchlight parade up at Brundage Mountain Ski Resort

It’s not like this was his first dining out experience.  He’s an old man he’s been dining out for decades.  It’s not like this was the first time his ski resort was under attack by the general public.  He paid for an hour-long firework show.  He knew it was coming!!! This isn’t the first time he required employees to work 13 hours straight.  It’s an annual Christmas week requirement for all Smoky’s restaurant employees!

Jud DeBoer is the owner of Brundage Ski Resort, and singlehandedly showed how much he cares about the sacrifices his employees make to make him millions of dollars each winter!

Collage in honor of Idaho's worst restaurnat tipper. Brundage Ski Resort Owner & McCall Restaurant owner Jud Deboer tips his employee 5 percent on Christmass

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