The Restaurants of McCall Hate You Because…

Staff at the restaurants of McCall expect you to follow protocol. Especially when you one of the owners of the restaurants of McCall! Jud (owner of Brundage Ski Resort) Is the worst tipper in Idaho!
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21 Things That Will Make Restaurant Staff Hate You!

The restaurants of McCall are no different than any other restaurants in America. They have a system set in place that works or they’d be out of business. Whether your a local or a tourist upsetting that system is the best way to get front of the house employees enraged with you. Doing any of these “no no’s” at the restaurants of McCall will have the staff cursing your existence.

  • Don’t delay the process. Take turns to the bathroom before ordering your food is ILLOGICAL!
  • Changing the restaurant floor plan isn’t your choice. Don’t move tables or chairs to accomodate your group.
  • Rotating field trips to hold a table is UNACCEPTABLE!! Do you want a pleasant dining experience at the restaurants of McCall than use common sense.
  • Sending a table “saver” for your group is pathetic. Plan accordingly! The restaurants of McCall aren’t your high school cafeteria!
  • Waiving, snapping, whistling or raising your hand…even more pathetic! Your on vacation! The staff at McCall restaurants have a sense of urgency for everyone not just your group!! Calm down and back off!
  • After you put your food order in you have 20 minutes to get back to your life! Phone calls, bathroom breaks, catching up with friends, reading a book…. blah blah. Trying to do those things before ordering is stupid! All your doing is ruining your experience!
  • Go to a restaurant for the experience. Ordering a bud light at a brewery shows how close minded you are. Ordering exotic food at a pub shows how vain you are. Ordering a burger at a sushi joint shows how simple you are. The restaurants of McCall provide a ton of variety for your dining options. Why order the same thing at each establishment?
  • Stop being a penny pincher. Splitting checks shows how incapable you are. How selfish you are! Just do simple division by the number of paying individuals. Is $3 going to make or break you? Its simple math. Especially when its just two of you paying cash who ordered the same thing. This is not a tip for just the restaurants of McCall. This goes for every restaurant in the world!!! Imagine life before the internet and smart phones. Where going out to eat was an event with friends and come bill time you din’t have calculators or computers to split up the bill. People just threw down a $20 or a $10 or even a $100, and shared the bill amongs their friends evenly!! What is a couple of dollars amongs friends???????????????? Seriously!!! Act like you’ve lived before!
  • Don’t throw your silverware in your food. I’m not a gold miner and don’t want to dig into your uneaten food!
  • Don’t order from the bar and sit at a table. You order from the bar you sit at the bar! Thats not a McCall restaurant rule, thats a rule for every restaurant in the world!!
  • Don’t ask for a to go box if your just going to leave it on the table.
  • Musical tables are for idiots!!! The view is no better three feet closer. Plus there are sections, table numbers and food runners. When you move those things don’t work! Again this is not a tip just for the restaurants of McCall. This is restaurant industry standard operating protocols. Stop being an idiot!
  • Pulling chairs from another table is lowering my wage. That 4 top is now only a 3 top. What gives you the right to steal a source of income from me cuz you needed to put your feet up? Again not a restaurants of McCall tip. A nationwide tip. Stop being ignorant.
  • Be aware this is how I make my money! 4 people sitting at a 6 person table means you stole spaces in my section and now if a 6 top walks in they have to wait for you to finish! Why can’t you just sit at a table with 4 chairs? Why do you need 2 extra seats? Definitely not a restaurants of McCall tip. Because if you do it here I’m sure you do it at home too.
  • Seating yourself is for cave people. When you seat yourself you don’t know which sections are open. Staff doesn’t know your new because you don’t have menus. You think this is a restaurants of McCall exclusive tip???? Seating yourself is for dive bars!!!!
  • Sitting at a dirty table is for self absorbed impatient pompus jackasses!! With no life skills! Why can’t you wait for that table to be cleaned. What is so pressing? Restaurants make money by clearing and resetting tables. Thats their thing!! Not just a restaurants of McCall protocol!
  • Don’t be difficult. If you have an allergy you know what it is. Trying to accommodate a fad diet is not my responsibility. Knowing what you can eat without going to the emergency room is your responsibility!! I am not a doctor or dietician. The restaurants of McCall staff would truly appreciate it if your on a fad diet to actually know what that diet entails!
  • Don’t tell me your gluten free and then order beer! Goes back to knowing what your fad diet entails!!
  • Stop being narcisstic! Learn to adapt to the situation. The world doesn’t evolve around you. Its easier for you to pick things off then a restaurant catering to your mild requests during a rush. Oh your 40 years old and don’t like pickles! Stop being a baby. Try something new or better yet…SHUT UP….use your fork or fingers and pick them out!!
  • Tipping is simple!!!!!!!!!


Restaurant Tipping Protocol in Ski Towns

Every full service restaurant in America NOT just the restaurants of McCall operates under a tipping policy!!! The industry standard tip for a server/bartender in America is 20%!!!! Anything below 20% is considered a bad tip. Even gratuity that is automatically added to a check for large parties at nationwide chains is 18%. Because —- GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SCULL —the industry standard tip for front of the house employees is 20%…..THATS THE STANDARD.

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There are restaurants on the East Coast that have deleted the tipping line all together on credit card receipts, and just add 20% into the price of the item on the menu to protect their staff from bad tippers! This is a trend in the industry that is starting to gain traction.

Restaurant Industry Standard Tipping Percentage

If you can’t afford to tip 20% than you can’t afford to eat out at a full service restaurant. Because lobbyist have convinced the American government to allow restaurant employers to pay tipped employees less than the federal minimum wage!! Read that sentence again if you didn’t actually absorb it!

Only a handful of states force restaurant employers to pay their employees minimum wage. Generally most front of the house employees get paid $2.13 an hour. It can range from $2.13-$4.80, but only six to nine other states in America pay servers more than $4.80 an hour!

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So if you can’t afford to tip 20% on your restaurant bill than you can’t afford to eat out at any of the restaurants of McCall!

Restaurant Wages in A Ski Town

This means that if you do not tip your server or bartender they pay out of their to wait on you. Because the American tipping policy also includes a tip share policy. Which ranges from 3%-10% of total sales per shift.

If you rack up a $100 bill that restaurant employee owes at a bare minimum $3 to the tip share pool. Plus the IRS assumes you tipped because normal people do, and allocates $10 towards that employees taxable income.

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Raising the debt they owe for your meal to $13. That means you need to tip at least $13.01 on your $100 bill at any of the restaurants in McCall for that server to make a profit for your dinner.

Because if they are in a state that only pays $2.13 like the restaurants of McCall Idaho their hourly wage after taxes comes to a whopping $1.60!!!! Leaving them $11.40 to take out of their pocket to pay for your meal at that particular restaurant in McCall!


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Tipping at a Restaurant in a Ski Town

Tipping at a restaurant is easy. You simply mulitply the first number in your bill by two. If your bill is $32.87 your tip is $6. If your bill is $78.38 your tip should be $14. If you really want to do it right you multiply the first two numbers, but as long as your tip is double the first number your taking care of your server.

If your bill at a restaurant in McCall is three digits than you multiply the first two numbers. For example, if your bill is 104.56 then your tipped amount is $20. If your bill is $763.49 than your tip is $152. If your bill is $212.99 your tip is $42. If your bill is $999.99 your tip is $198.

There is No Tip “CAP”

When dining out at the restaurants of McCall or any restaurant in the country there is no cap on the amount of tip you should feel obligated to leave. A $10 tip is not the max tip you should leave. In fact if you reread this and think about it the bare minimum tip you should leave is $10!!

You Say Your a Good Tipper

A good tipper is someone who leaves no less than 40% of the bill. A good tipper is someone who leaves $1 for every drink they order from the bar! A good tipper is someone that leaves extra for the mess they left behind.

You want to be a good tipper at the restaurants of McCall than leave extra money for coming in early, staying late, modifying menu items, moving tables/chairs, ignoring your server when they come to the table, demanding a sporting even on the TV, camping at my table for hours and ordering nothing. Thats a good tipper.

In a ski town you also have to take into other factors outside of the restaurant. Even in the best ski town most employees just moved here and are living in awful communal housing conditions.

Every ski town sees an influx in visitors over the holidays and long weekends. Which forces employers to schedule more employees. Forcing employees to miss out on all the fun activities you got to enjoy. Almost all ski town employees miss out on the tree lighting ceremonies, parades, concerts, festivals, fireworks and various other community events. Events that brought you into town.

So when it comes time to pay the restaurant bill in a ski town or other high volume iconic vacation destination town the industry standard tip percentage is 30%!! If you tip 30% your showing your restaurant worker how much appreciate their sacrafice to live and work in a ski town!


Owner of Brundage Mountain Ski Resort Is The Worst Tipper in This Ski Town

Jud one of the owners of Brundage Ski Resort is liked by serving staff about as much as parents with unbehaved kids are. Because he is the epitome of a stereotypical bad tipping Idahoian.

He’s completely unaware, oblivious and ignorant as to what the industry standard practice is for the entire restaurant industry.

The owner of a ski resort who just paid for an hour long firework show tipped 5% to a staff member who he just ordered to work 13 hours with no break on the busiest day of the season!

Someone who just made a quarter of a million dollars in 13 hours could only find the generosity of $5 to reward one of his hard working employees. Thats the level of appreciation a ski resort employee can expect from ownership over the Christmas holiday season!

Thanks Jud for being the worst tipper I have encountered yet to date since being in Idaho!! Glad I put $300,000 in your pocket so you could reward me with a $5 tip and $6 draft beer after a 13 hour shift.

Staff at the restaurants of McCall expect you to follow protocol.  Especially when you one of the owners of the restaurants of McCall!  Jud (owner of Brundage Ski Resort) Is the worst tipper in Idaho!

2 thoughts on “The Restaurants of McCall Hate You Because…

  1. As a server at a restaurant in McCall the only thing I hate worse than ignorant people are the entitled tourist who think everything evolves around them! For example, when you buy your Nachos from another establishement NO YOU CAN NOT BRING YOUR OUTSIDE FOOD INTO MY RESTAURANT AND SIT DOWN IN MY SECTION AND EAT THEM!!!

    If you do not order from me than you can not sit in my section. This is how “us” servers make our money!!! When we get paid less than minimum wage we rely 100% on our tips to pay our bills. Because our landlords and our utility companies, and the banks with our car loans don’t take “THANK YOU’s” as payments! We need dollar bills and the only way we are going to get dollar bills is from people that sit in our section and order off of our menu from our staff and tip accordingly!!!! So I don’t know what rock or cave you crawled out of, but that kind of behavior isn’t even acceptable from a child!! Stop stealing money from restaurant staff by thinking the world evovles around you!!!

    You order to go food from another restaurant in McCall, Great!!! Now go eat it on the sidewalk, in your car or a bridge thats about to collapse; but not in my section while I’m trying to make money to pay my bills!!!!!

    1. Oh the joys of working at a restaurant in McCall! To be quite honest this isn’t a McCall exclusive problem. It’s just highlighted here more than most places because the size of the town and volume of tourists that pass by. Every high volume iconic vacation destination in America has these same problems.

      People come from different areas, cultures and backgrounds that don’t know any better. Unfortunately, they are completely unaware of the ripple effects they create when they don’t follow industry standard protocols. Even though they have somehow made it this far in life pulling these shenanigans no one has taken the time to pull them aside and explain the big picture to them. So what they think is acceptable back home or because thats what mommy and daddy do they are completely unaware that it is NOT ACCEPTABLE here at the restaurants of McCall or any tourist town.

      I think my next article will be, “How not to be a hated tourist everywhere you go!” The answer in short is- be aware, be observant and put yourself in other peoples shoes! Try to understand why that rule is there and why they would get frustrated with you when you don’t follow protocol!

      Towns like McCall survive wholely on the tourists they attract, but I promise you that a percentage of that pie chart is extremely disliked and if some people had there way would be 86’d from town all together! Remember the fools that used to come up here and party on the beaches and parks during 4th of July??? That crowd got 86’d for their behavior. So don’t think McCall is above showing you the exit and telling you never to come back!!
      The restaurants of McCall have standards and protocol’s just like every other restaurant. People live here, and support families from their jobs at the restaurants here in McCall. Just because its not your job of choice doesn’t mean its not a meaningful job that provides opportunities for others.



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